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Family & Friends;

We look forward to Celebrating with each of you!

If mailing your registration, please send to:

Duane Howard
10703 Hollaway Dr.
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

To register online, please fill in the below form.

*Reunion registration fee due NOW!  

An online processing fee will be charged for each attendee and will differ according to the following charges. (Ages 0-6 excluded).

Online processing & transaction fees per attendee:

Processing fee   = 2.90 % of the ticket price
Credit Card fee   = 3.00 % of the ticket price
Transaction fee   = $ 0.75   per ticket
Ticket Fee Example
Ticket price:   $ 53.70  
Minus processing/credit card fee:   $ 2.95   (5.90% of $ 50)
Minus transaction fee:   $ 0.75  
Ticket amount net to the reunion account:   $ 50.00  

Select Ticket

Step 1
Select the number of people you would like to register. (Name fields will then appear)
Enter the first and last name(s) of the registrant(s) in the fields.
Click on submit at the bottom of the page to continue.
Registration Fee (Ages 0-6)
Number of Registrations:
Registration Fee (Ages 7-12)$32.37
Base Registration Fee-$30.00
Online Processing Fee-$2.37
Number of Tickets:
Registration Fee (Ages 13-17)$58.68
Base Registration Fee-$55.00
Online Processing Fee-$3.68
Number of Tickets:
Registration Fee (Ages 18-64)$79.74
Base Registration Fee-$75.00
Online Processing Fee-$4.74
Number of Tickets:
Registration Fee (Ages 65 and Over)$69.21
Base Registration Fee-$65.00
Online Processing Fee-$4.21
Number of Tickets: